Project Management

From the initial stages, being teamed with a project manager. understanding the nature of the work to be carried out, phases and the delivery schedule, can be a tedious process if not managed properly. Your project manager will effectively manage your project with minimal disruption to your daily routine and ensure that you are kept informed at each stage. We manage all preparatory work with our team of experienced contractors.
At Bartley, we have a unique standard of quality which is understood and appreciated throughout the company. With this culture of quality, we as a team can deliver a project at any level with perfection. Attention to detail, accuracy and tact are paramount when working on different level of projects. Our project managers and comprehensive team are diplomatic and are able to work closely with other contractors or in many cases people manage.

Our services included:

  • Site Survey

  • Planning

  • Costing

  • Fitting & Installation


  • Co-ordinating trades and suppliers* 
    *(if provided, we have our own unique chain of suppliers)

  • Schedule design and monitoring

  • Ongoing onsite Management

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