Sustainability has been a topic high on numerous agendas. Government across the spectrum has been championing the cause with the intention of getting countries, industries and companies to participate and implement the cause on their agenda. The general theory is that green houses gases, (predominantly carbon dioxide and methane) is a great contributor of global warming. The approach which we take at Bartley is that sustainability is not independent of what we do but dictates our approach to the construction industry and the way in which we approach our goals and objective of the business.


According to the World Business Council of Sustainable Development, buildings contribute to an estimated 40% of the industrialised green house gases. Therefore, it is our responsibility that projects we are involved in are not only judged on its design but also its functionality attributes to being sustainable and energy efficient. Sustainability at Bartley is seen as a by product of our business cycle. Our performance economically, social commitment to communities and clients and future goals are hinged on our strategic approach to sustainability. We feel that In order to maintain healthy partnerships, we need to realise the alignment and strike a balance. Sustainability is an integral part of making the future a better place, creating new markets, sustaining the old, influencing objectives and leaving a lasting legacy.

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